Short Computer Course in Trend Analysis by Manfred Mudelsee

The statistical analysis of trends is a challenge because of non-normal distributions and persistence. The course lectures present bootstrap resampling as a powerful, robust, computing-intensive tool able to meet the challenge. Real-world climate data serve to illustrate the methods in computer tutorials. Participants are welcome to bring a laptop and own data.

Dr. Mudelsee has a diploma in physics, a doctoral degree in geology and did a postdoc in statistics.

Participation cost 95 EUR (30 000 HUF, including course book and pendrive (software), lunch and coffee breaks). 


Special issues

On the occasion of GeoMATES ‘19, special issues will be published in International Journal on Geomathematics (Editor-In-Chief: Willi Freeden) and Central European Geology (Editor-In-Chief: Attila Demény), covering topics of the conference. The calls are exclusively for GeoMATES ‘19 participants. Submissions to all journals will be open between 1 Aug 2019 - 31 Sep 2019.

The special issue of the 2017 congress published in Open Geosciences.