to the GeoMATES ‘19 International Congress on Geomathematics in Earth- & Environmental Sciences

The conference will be held from 16-18 May 2019 in Pécs, Hungary at the Pécs Regional Committee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and is preceded by a pre-conference short course/workshop on 15 May 2019.

Planned sections/topics of the congress

Each section will begin with a keynote speech of a distinguished professor (full list to be announced):

  • Analysis of monitoring time series - Márk Molnár (Szent István University)
  • Mathematical aspects of reservoir geology - István Nemes (MOL Plc.)
  • Assessment of geophysical datasets - interpretation & uncertainty
  • Climate modelling - extremities, past & future - Manfred Mudelsee (Climate Risk Analysis Ltd.)
  • Data analysis in engineering geology - László Kovács (Rock Study Ltd.)
  • Conquering space - remote sensing - Prof. Mark McCaughrean, European Space Agency
  • Quantitative methods in palaeontology - Prof. József Pálfy (ELTE)
  • Agrarian- and environmental informatics & Geoinformatics - Tomislav Hengl (Envirometrix Ltd; OpenGeoHub foundation)


We expect the participation of professionals who deal with these topics and work in related fields, and who would like to present their achievements in lectures and/or posters or just participate as audience. The official language of the Congress is English.

Please find the abstract book of the 2019 congress now available for download here.

Please find the extended abstract book of the 2017 congress here and the special issue published in Open Geosciences.

For any queries, contact us!


We warmly welcome all colleagues!

The Directorate of the Geomathematics and Informatics Section of the Hungarian Geological Society