Short courses

Short courses

Three short courses are being organized for the 19th May 2022 equally priced at 18,000 HUF / 50 EUR. Participation in only one course is possible.

1.Time series analysis online workshop with Prof. Manfred Mudelsee

This Online Workshop in Climate Time Series Analysis is specifically tailored to the needs of PhD students and postdocs, who wish to learn about trend and correlation analysis in climate change research, but have had so far not much exposure to in-depth statistical teaching. It will also attract professional researchers, who wish to update their knowledge or to learn new statistical techniques.

Dr. Mudelsee has a diploma in physics, a doctoral degree in geology and did a postdoc in statistics.

The course consists of online materials which will be provided beforehand, and on the day of the course extensive online discussion will take place. Participants are encouraged to meet at the conference venue and participate in the online course in person in a designated lecture hall.

2. Analysis and Visualization of Local and Regional Uncertainties in Geosciences with Dr. János Geiger (University of Szeged)

3. Interpretation of multivariate geophysical datasets using advanced statistical and inversion methods with Prof. Norbert Péter Szabó (University of Miskolc)